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After 10 years....

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It finally happened!!! Got my first band yesterday!!! We needed 1 more mallard to finish a 3 man limit. This dude came in like the Greatest American Hero making a crash landing. Actually looked like a woody the way he wqas darting and diving. I hit him twice and dumped him, and my cousin shot him on the water. I started gathering up the ducks in my tree and he started hollering!!! I couldn't believe it. That is the stuff you read about, it could never happen to me. He was banded in Saskatchewan Canada, August 2010. We wound up with 12 mallards 3 widgeon a gaddy and a ringneck.

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Congratulations!!! After 20 years of duck hunting, I've only killed two with bands.
Congrats on the jewelry! :thumb:
Nice! After 13 years im still bandless. Haven't duck hunted as much the last few years though. Started deer huntin. Which has been horrible this year. Might have to go searching for some bands.
Congrats on the band and equally great day!!
Awesome. Congratulations
im more impressed by the limit:fit:

nice work on the band, look on your face says it all
congrats. I saw you at the ramp and could tell you were exicited about it and I would have been too. That is a good story to tell for years.
Congratulations. Bands are awesome, what every duck hunter hunts for.
From here on out the first thing you will do when you pick that bird up is check it's legs! Congrats!
Nice jewelry. I've only been waterfowlin' for about 4 years, I have a long way to go before getting some bling.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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