AFC Improved Cherrybark Seelings?

Discussion in 'Habitat Management' started by letemgrow, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. letemgrow

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    Anyone have those growing on their farms at this time? Do you see a noted improvement in growth rates over the regular cherry bark oaks?

    They are outside my normal range, but I tried a few from the MDC nursery and they seem to be doing very well on the creek bottom and there has not been any die back due to winter either. Needing to add more red oak diversity on the creek bottom that has timber value...
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    AR forestry commission is already listing them as sold out. On the ground where I live, I planted 20 acres of pine, 100 assorted fruit trees and blackberries, and 15 trees from mossy oak native nursery. The trees from mossy oak all lived, two pears and five plum trees also lived. Everything else died. That is what 45 inches of rain over the last 24 months will do for you. The oaks from mossy oak did not do much - but they did not die. I have lost better than 50% of my big native oaks of the red oak variety - shumard, water, willow, and southern red. Hypoxilon canker. Trees up to 36" diameter. Many more have it but have not died. If it starts raining again this year and stops further hypoxilon damage, I think I might end up with a 20% survival rate on my existing red oak. I have even had quite a few cedars die - it is dry when the cedars are dying.

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    Ouch!! That does say something about the Mossy Oak stuff tho IMO.

    We had it pretty bad up here too this year, but not like what you guys had down there. I saw they were listed as being sold out, but also did not see that they had restrictions listed on where the cherrybark oaks could be planted. Even with the drought, I had cherrybark oaks grow 5' last year alone...then again...I get free IA dirt everytime the creek floods since I am 2 miles from the IA line. This cherrybark oak was about 1/2 way up the tube at spring before it started growing.