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? about concealed carry class

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I took the class and to say it was a cake walk is an understatement!! The question I have is....Is it just up to the instructor if the person passes or not?? Are their guidlines that they have to follow when deciding. The reason I am asking is because there was more than one person that I do not believe should have passed. My buddies actually saw one woman point a loaded pistol at the instructor while at the range. They actually went and stood behind thier truck because they were scared of being shot!! We also witnessed 2 more people that could not even load the gun and their paperwork was filled out!!! That just makes me wonder how many people are out there that are carrying a pistol and do not know how to use it!!
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when I took my class the instructor said as long as you showed control and knowledgeof the weapon, you passed.

It sounds as if a couipke in your group failed both of those
They're a joke. It's a way for the gov't to make a list of gunowners and what they have, and make money.
I had the same feeling when I took the class. Some of the older folks had a legitimate concern for their safety but in my humble opinion they had no business handling a pistol at the age of 80(+). I helped the instructor at the range and I had to physically control the careless motions of several persons that came to the shooting range.

One good thing about the instructor, he did not pass some, telling them they had to get more experience and he give them a time frame to be in compliance with safety procedures and ability to fire the pistol accurately enough to pass.

He is very aware of the possible backlash of a law suit if he passes someone that did not meet the actual requirements of the course. I have also seen him return their money and just tell them, NO WAY! :thumb:
our instructor had us shoot in groups, those who were comfortable and knew what was going on could go first, then those that thought they need more instruction went last. a couple of us volunteered to go first and we went in and he was giving us some instructions when all the sudden one guy just started shooting downrange. needless to say he was told to get out of the range.
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