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A5 browning guys...

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I have a 32 inch full choke barrel from a Belgium 1970 A5 Magnum and the original stock set from the gun. The barrel has original blueing with a clean and bright bore and 90% condition of blueing. The stocks look great maybe a few very small blemishes. Any ideas on what to ask for these items. I have several A5 and im gonna put a newer jap barrel on this one and composite stocks to hunt with. Thanks
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serial on the gun is 2V a top 40093 think its actually a 1962 model
All correct numbers it could go from $500 to $1000 just bases on how many blemishes it has. Would love to see pictures. If its pre 64 I think it should have a round knob handle stock?
After you figure it out send me a PM cause I might want the stock set if the price is right.
Assuming it's a 12 gauge (20 gauge started in '67) round nob made in '62 in the condition you describe, around $850 give or take $100.
I'm wanting to sell the full choke barrel and stock only. Got a new jap barrel for it and composite stock Gonna duck hunt with it. It is a round knob
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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