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    all our lease .... 2 pullets is all that my Dad has seen

    all the hens are chickless ....... I bet predators killed every egg in the nests, I'd guess wild hogs killed 1/2 of those nests

    thank gawd the AG&F has an aggressive wild hog and predator plan in action
  2. thompson

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    Our hatch in Cleveland co is looking up. Appearance of a second nesting. Have had a lot of reports this last week of hens with a pile of poults about a foot tall. Seen a group of 11 this morning. Keeping my fingers crossed.
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    ImageUploadedByArkansas Hunting1503244805.007477.jpg

    I personally have seen very few this summer. The areas I run cameras typically do not have many turkeys. I have a group of 5 hens without any lil ones but was pleasantly surprised to have these show up! Each one counts!
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    I had six poults the size of those show up the end of September last year. They had to be the result of a very late hatch. We can always hope.
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    I seen about 6 hens yesterday in Cleveland county; no little ones
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    IMG_2142.JPG Saw four hens last week with no poults. One hen yesterday with no poults. One hen yesterday with three poults. Got this pic on a bear bait.
    All poults I have seen appear to be late hatch
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    Only ones I've seen