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  1. If you have never read any of Charles Alsheimer's stuff you don't know what your missing. He is absolutely one of the best in whitetails and when you see his photography you'll be amazed........well you probably already have.....on many magazines and He even has some nice books with his pictures.
    Here is a good article that could explain some issues this year......

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    I've always liked his articles in Deer and Deer Hunting magazine.
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    I used to subscribe to Deer & Deer Hunting. I even read it regularly when it was known as Stump Sitters. When they came out with their TV show I quit subscribing and never read it anymore. I just can't stand listening to Yankees talk. They sound so Ghey to me. Charlie's good but the rest of em are just too yankee!
  4. Me too.......I always have thought He was the most knowledgeable deer man there is..
    The second link is an article that I read when it came out.....I read it and thought ahhhh......that fall I got to see the same thing first hand and it was almost to the tee.......He knows deer.......
    A person could learn a lot from him......
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    When Charlie talks I listen.:thumb: He knows his stuff.
  6. I have nothing against yankees......I have been to the NE and found all those yankees to be good people.
    They thought I talked funny and I thought the same for them........:biggrin:
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    Excellent article. We need to keep that link handy for those million posts that pop up on here Oct-Dec "Hey my brother-in-law's sister's cousin's mama said that all them bucks be rutted out, rutted in, rutted up, rutted sideways, etc... whatchall think?"

    I read a book that Charles Alsheimer wrote. He's good. I believe he was the first person I heard talking about peeing in scrapes too.
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    Yes he was the first person that I know of that wrote about peeing in scrapes.
  9. Yeah He knows deer and their behavior and what triggers them.
    I learned a lot from his articles.....I get frustrated but I can understand because of him and a few others that wrote for Deer and Deer Hunting.....:up:
  10. Bought a book of his a few years back and have been trying to find it for a few weeks now. Great stuff and just beautiful pictures.