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  1. Our car battery got tested a few days ago an showed to be good. I had to jump the car this morning and had to jump it last week as well. Is it the cold? If it's not the battery what is my problem?

    Also, the tranny is skipping. We have a leak in our transmission line. Could it be skipping due to low fluid? We have the leak scheduled for a repair tomorrow. Should that fix the skips?

    Thanks for the help.
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    Fro, yes the cold can slow the chemical reaction down in a battery that is old...battery output amps are usually rated somewhere around 77 degrees. You may want to check the water level as well.

    And yes, low transmission oil will cause your tranny to slip. Check it on a level service when its warm with the car running. Don't drive it on low oil like that. Common man, I'm only a phone call away.

  3. browtine

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    If your battery tested good and it keeps going down it is probably your alternator.
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    Most car batteries recommend you don't check the water level. I would take a multimeter to your alternator and see what your output voltage is. Or just look at your voltage guage on your dash inside the cab(if your vehicle has one)...if not, orielly should be able to check it for you.

    Low fluid pressure in a line with hinder shifting yes.
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    it comes down to cold cranking amps....by the time he gets to o'reilleys the battery will b warmed up and may not show bad....
  6. Had an alternator put in on my truck about 3 years ago. This vehicle we have is a Mazda and it's an 08 model. The alternator should still be good right? Seems odd that it'd be an alternator problem on such a new vehicle. Then again, it probably is made in China.:smack:
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    I have changed a large number of alternators, and everytime one goes out, the voltage gauge drops right then. Lights dim, accessories stop working, so on and so on.
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    Fro, there could be some stupid sensor or relay that's not letting it charge? I am not too familiar with the foreigners so I can't help ya there. But if I had it at a mechanic anyways, just let them give you some options on what it could be.

    O, ps, brand new alternators fail. :up:
  9. That's what happened to me in my truck. Was going up Hwy 167 and dash went off, lights went off, and it was pitch black nighttime! No emergency flashers, no blinkers, no nothing. Thank the Lord I was able to blindly navigate off the ramp at Cabot and get my truck into the Mickey D's parking lot.
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    Normally your battery, if in good charge and condition, will hold your lights at a dim level for awhile...

    sounds like you got lucky to get off the road and to a safe place.

    I went out recently to go fishing, was driving down the road almost to the bay, looked down and alternator was KAPUT. I had to lug it back home as it had little throttle response unless I feathered it. Ruined a good day of fishing!
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    With the battery it could simply be a loose or corroded connection at the battery or the other end of the battery cables.
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    The voltage gauge on your dash does not show battery output, it is there to show alt output, and when the battery light comes on its not the battery either, its the altenater. Buck-Ridge is right, a loose terminal or bad ground could cause your problems too. I have had bad grounds drain batteries and all kinds of crazy stuff...
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    Ohh and ought six? what are you talking about foreigners? A very large part of Mazda is owned by Ford and a majority of their makes and models are rebadged vehicles with compatible mechanical components.
  14. extreme cold as well as extreme heat will kill a weak battery. how was it tested- it needs to be load test not just a test to rate the amps/voltage. a dirty battery (dirt,corrosion etc) on top of a battery will also cause a surface discharge. and yes low tranny fluid will cause it to slip, and there is a poss. that it is a CVT tranny and they can be very expensive to repair, not that a normal trans is not, but i would fix that leak asap. HTH
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    For the battery, I would check the cables. My wife's car, has had two batteries in it in the last 3 years. Each time it tested out fine at one place, and then bad at another. I think I finally found the cause this go around, which was actually the battery clamp, which I had to take off the cable to replace. The thing was $15 and I could only get it at the Nissan dealer, but no problems since then with it.
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    I'm not aware of any 08 mazda vehicles using CVT technology.

    You are right though he needs to keep the fluid filled to the proper lever, never overfill it though.

    I think the most common suggestion would be check the battery terminals as many of us have suggested. Make sure they are not corroded and make sure there is a good connection. Good luck fro :up:
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    Foreign to me. As in, not likely to be touched by my hands. Therefore not much exp with them. I did not anywhere mention the actual country of origin of the company Mazda.

    I guess I'm not as technical in my wording as some of you. :rolleyes: