A few of our bucks

Discussion in 'Trail Cams and Photography' started by Bowman, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Bowman

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    Here a few that made it thourgh the year I havent seen any of these bucks while hunting, another guy shot at the 9 and missed with his crossbow. In the first few pics you can see the stand in the background.

    9 point


    First pic of this 7

    A couple of different 4 points.
  2. BuzzBait

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    good lookin herd..nice pics..

  3. sam

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  4. Selfbow

    Selfbow ...

    I'm not sure that he missed the 9 point.
    He looks kind of thin and humped up to me. Also is that hair or his spine down his back?
  5. Looks like ya got some shooters & breedin stock for next year!
  6. Z-man

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    those will turn into some mighty fine ones.