A Dying Child

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  1. I've been a board member for awhile but don't post much. I read once on here where some have a dim view of folks with long term memberships but few posts, so please excuse me for asking now. I just can't continue with my Christmas without sharing a burden for a child. Two young adults I watched grow up have a child who is about to die. Little Jake is 3 years old and developed cancer early on. He's known a lot of pain and suffering and seen the insides of too many hospitals and endured chemo treatments and setbacks most of his short life. Thousands of prayers have been said for him, his parents, and grandparents. All these folks are salt of the earth Christians. We heard earlier this month that Jake's cancer was progressing rapidly. We heard this morning that he is now fully sedated, waiting to die. When little Jake opens his eyes again, it will be to see Our Lord Jesus Christ in Heaven. Please pray for this family who gets to endure seeing the child they love dying at Christmas. And please, if you've been watching tensions and trouble develop in your family, like I have this year, stop a minute and think about what really matters in life. Lay it all down folks and get a grip on what's really important. You can be the one person in your family who decides to do what you know is right and best for the ones you love. I'm tired of a lot of petty crap robbing me and the ones I love of enjoying life each day and all the blessings the Lord gives us. My heart is broken over all of this. Merry Christmas to all on this board.

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    My prayers go out for the parents of this young boy. May they seek all of God's grace in this hour, and long for the day they meet Him and their son in heaven.

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    Well said 56. We focus too much on silly differences. I for one have made that choice to do better after attending a loved ones funeral this week.

    So sorry to hear of this childs pain. We will pray for him and his family right now.
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    Had a friend lose their 7 week old baby this week. God bless those that are suffering. Give Peace in the name of Jesus.
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    That is heart breaking, I just had a daughter 7 weeks ago and cannot fathom loosing her. My family and I along with our church will be praying for God to give them strength and peace.
  6. Thank you for sharing this with us Fifty-six! We will be praying for this precious family and for God's comfort and peace to surround them at this time.
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    Post count means nothing when it concerns prayer. My family will be praying for this family that you mentioned. Thanks for letting us know.
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    Prayers sent. I can't think of anything worse than losing a child or grandchild.

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    Prayers sent for those concerned!
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    Prayers sent.
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    Prayers for the family and the little guy!
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    You just made a 6' 2" 350lb hardass with a temper from hell cry. Prayers sent for all involved.

    Well written and well said, one of the most heartfelt threads I have ever seen. I have a 14 month old and I could not imagine....
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    Man thats bad.... Prayers sent!
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    Ill be praying. God bless them.
  18. prayers sent if i can help in any way you can call on me