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    A bit late to post these but better late than never.

    Allstar and I went out one day last week and called to the critters and got a couple of takers.

    The first coyote came in textbook, stopping every little bit and the normal survey routine to see if he was being suckered. We fooled him none the less. Pretty heavy yote, but not huge.


    Second was a sight to see. One of the best hunts I have been on.

    We setup in a hay field with a valley that runs through the middle for the last stand of the day. Allstar and I set on the far right of the field with the call about 100ys from us in the base of the valley. Cover was a bit hard to find there and still be on the right side of the fence. So that is the reason for the distance. After we got setup, Allstar kicks off a howl and a minute or so later we get some howls back. A little "Cussin and Discussin" and here comes one coyote right to the call at Mach2. Coyote gets to the call and actually runs up, sniffs the call and then starts to circle the call in a hop. Didn't run off. It was allstars kill on his side, so I waited for the shot. Something went wrong and the coyote took off over the hill, some kind of loud noise spooked it.

    Allstar hits pup distress and another different color coyote comes mach2 back to the call, right behind it, was the first coyote again. I tell allstar they are coming back to it again and he tries to get on them and I hear a "Click" but no boom.. So, I had to back him up on that one. First coyote and the second coyote were still circling and then running up to the call and then jumping back away. They wanted that decoy and call, but wouldn't stand still.

    Finally, I see the lead coyote stop for a quick second and I nail it in the noggin. Tried to hit the second one but it wasn't wanting to pose for a photo.. Camera shy that one was.

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    NE Ark

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    :up: Ready to go again?? :cool:
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    Anytime brother. just let me know when and where..
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    Whackin n stackin!!! :clap:
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    Good Killin both of ya!!:up:
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    What are you guys doin Witt the pelts? Are they worth anything or is the value in a des varmint?
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    Sounds like a fantastic day!