a case for safety harnesses

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  1. today while prepping to climb down with my summit viper....I had an accident....my foot platform got knocked off my tree.....as I was about to put my feet in the stirups the platform came off my tree to my surprise......never had this happen before....thankfully, I never get into a treestand without a harness......yet, there I am holding on to the hand platform attempting to pull the rope holding the foot platform up and get it back on the tree......well it took some doing but I was able to get it back on the tree and climb on down.......if it had not been for my harness the story may have had a terrible ending....thank the good Lord for grace and mercy......folks where your harnesses
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    Yep...NO REASON not to wear one!! Glad you're OK!!

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    So it fell completely off the tree? Glad your ok. Did you load your harness or your underwear when it fell out from under you?
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    I have had that happen myself..that is scary...especially when there is no rope holding that bottom platform to the top..luckily i wasnt real high up...i learned a lot from that incident..#1. Safety harness. #2. Make sure both platforms are tied together...glad you are ok BigDog.
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    So the platform detached completely from the tree as in the cable was no longer clasped on one side? Or did the platform just slide down the tree until the umbilical cord caught it? :head:

    Glad you're ok and your harness did its job.
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    Glad youre okay brother.
  7. that's what happened