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  1. i am looking at a Hi Point 995 for plinking and a truck gun that is a little more than the ole .22 LR (not looking for the Hi Point argument). what kind of ammo do ya'll recommend for a 9mm carbine. i did some web searches and i can't find much.... some people say that carbine loads should have slower powders, some say faster...some say heavy 147 grain bullets, some say 115....some people say that if you attempt to make a hot carbine only load, you stand the chance of the velocity destroying the bullet.

    i would like to know what some other people shoot through their carbines (factory ammo) and some data on some reloads that will give better results. i personally don't reload (although i would like to), but i know some people that could help me with that part of it. speaking of reloading, what about the lee classic loaders? any advice? i know they make a 9mm set.

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    I have a Kel-Tec Sub 2000 Glock version 9mm carbine. The only ammo I have shot through my rifle has been 124 grain FMJ handloads. It's a fun little carbine to shoot, the longest range I have used it at has been about 50 yards, using open sights. This particular load is equivalent to the WWB 9mmFMJ that Wal Mart sells. To me, it's just a fun little rifle to shoot, specially with a couple of 33 round mags...

    Here's mine...


  3. Hi-Point 9mm Carbine

    Well i highly recommend the Hi-Point Carbine. I have had mine for about a year now and love it! I havent found a load yet that it wont spit out flawlessly. I have shot lots of diffrent loads through it including target loads to FMJ's to police rated ammo, even some of the cheapo russian ammo. All fired well! Havent had a single FTF or any jamming! Go out and buy ya a couple of em!:thumb: I would like to have it in the 40 cal also. I heard they were coming out with one in 45 cal!
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    I don't think you'd have any issues with any commercially available 9mm ammo. Slow, fast, hot or mild, there just isn't enough difference that you should have problems with a carbine. The only thing that might concern me would be some sub-sonic 147 loads not cycling the bolt.

    I definately can't imagine you putting anything hot enough out of it to destroy the bullet. Maybe with a handload and the wrong powder, but not commercially.
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    I agree with all of the above and would ask what do you want your round to do?

    For just a plinker load, any of the FMJ rds should be plenty accurate enough for a "fun gun".

    If you want some degree of "stopping" ability, I really like the Federal 9BP or 9BPLE (+P) 115gr hollow points. While some swear by the 147's and 124's (and not to say that either are a bad choice), I prefer the 115's!

    I read an article several years back where one of the largest "rental ranges" in America was asked about what guns they have the least problems with and they stated that hands down the Hi-Point carbine was their most reliable firearm! They said that they do essentially nothing to them other than lube them and load them.... and they just keep on running! And through tens of thousands of rounds!

    To me that's a pretty handsome endorsement from a range that has everything from H&K MP-5's, to Steyr AUG's available; yet they consider the Hi-Point to be the least problematic weapon in their entire arsenal!!

    I hope they never come out with a .45!!! That's just going to cause my ammo budget to go up!!! I wanted a .40 myself... but if they want to put out a .45... who am I to argue???