91 Toyota 4x4

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  1. Timd1978

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    I have a 91 Toyota ext cab pickup for sale (almost 200k miles)

    -4x4 with new rear tires
    -5 speed manual trans
    -moon roof
    -power locks and windows
    -small rear seats that fold up
    -Radio with tape deck and power antenna set up (has non retracting in it now but can be replaced with retractable as it does work)

    Nothing fancy but I do like it. It does have some mechanical issues
    1. parking brake needs fixed
    2. need new hood latch
    3. Has water leak by tstat (needs new tstat as well)
    4. Clutch needs adjusted
    5. Needs new shocks

    This is all that I know is wrong with it. Does have new valve cover gaskets and new gasket on the throttle body. The truck does run fine outside of these issues and I think will make someone a descent truck. I bought it hoping to do some work to it but I just feel I need to go another direction

    Please only serious offers as I did post this on craigs list a while back and was jerked around by a few people on trade and nothing materialized. :mad:

    I am in the Springdale, AR area and will try to get some pics on here in the next few days

    I don't get on here much but if you msg or post I will get back with you as soon as I can
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    You got a price in mind?

  3. Timd1978

    Timd1978 Well-Known Member

    Around $1600 I feel is fair considering the issues and the fact that it is no spring chicken anymore
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    v6 or 4cyl and what color.
  5. keg87

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  6. Timd1978

    Timd1978 Well-Known Member

    Like I said in the original post, it may be a few das before I can post any on here
  7. Timd1978

    Timd1978 Well-Known Member

    btw ... price is not written in stone, just a ballpark :up:
  8. Timd1978

    Timd1978 Well-Known Member

    got pics and will be posting later today once my laptop decides it will cooperate
  9. Timd1978

    Timd1978 Well-Known Member

    Pics posted

    Here are the pics of the truck. Like I said earlier the hookd latch needs replaced (so the hood doesn't shut correctly right now and that is why it is a little raise like that).

    There is some cosmetic issues with the truck (rusted tailgate, dent on the side, etc) but is a good truck overall.

    please see my original post for everything that I KNOW is wrong with the vehicle mechanically.

    BTW: I think the pics make the paint job look a little better than what it actually is...the paint can/will look a lot better if it is buffed as it looks like it is in desperate need of some wax

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  10. Timd1978

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    pm's replied to
  11. Timd1978

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    Sold last night