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9 month plott female

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will run and tree with company,have never hunted her by herself,real good acting pup.she is chop mouth all the way,that is why she is for is too short for me to hunt a chop mouth dog.will take her to my bay pen if some one is interested for a hog dog.870-504-0602
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what lines is it out off, i am a plott man
hicks bred on top white deer run jojo on bottom good sized female has all the tools i just dont like a chop mouth track dog
no shes not performance
You can take and try her any way you want.
Still here,someone is missing out ,this is a nice dog if you dont care about her mouth.
Took her to the bay pen today and it didnt take her long to chase and pull hair all by herself.
Would do some trading on this dog.
what would you be intrested in trading for her?
she is supposed to be sold.If they dont come and get her I would listen to trade offers.
Believe it or not, after holding this dog for some one,he just texted me and backed out.She is for sale again.
have you got pics of her that you email or text me? i am intrested in her.
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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