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9 month old Jack Russel

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9 month old Jack Russel, no papers, lightly started on squirrel. Has NOT treed own squirrel but goes nuts on a squirrel drag. He is still young, I just started taking him to the woods. He will range out further with another dog but stays close when he is by himself. I am putting all my time into my young cur and don’t have enough time to take them both. I think he would make a squirrel dog with some time. $100. I will post up pictures later. PM me if interested.
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Having troubles getting pics on here. PM me your number and I will send you pics. Oh, my wife corrected me, he is 12 months old this month.
He's a spunky little guy. He was chewing on my Mt. cur yesterday. :fit:
I live just south of Hot Springs. He was in the house when he was a pup but would whiz every time I went to pick him up and I got tired of cleaning up after him. I bet he could still be trained, and maybe even easier since he is used to doing his business outside.
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