8month old cur

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by melhuntin, Dec 21, 2010.

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    I have been messin with curs for some 30 years and have never seen a pup like this one for the last month he want pay attion to my old dogs he hunts by his self realy hard and this week he has treed 7 squirrels 1 coon .yall think i should hunt him by his self are do you think he will be ok huntin with the old dogs? Most all the pup I have ever hunted was a lot old before they start tree like this one .
  2. had a kemmer cur didnt start hunting with other dogs till she was 13 months old, but she was treeing her own squirrel around 5 maybe 6 months old id hunt it both ways your pu will fall into the groove with the other or maybe it will be what i call a loaner cant hunt with other dogs but does a great job by itself

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    I dont mind an independant dog but for me they can be too independant. Lets say you go huntin with a buddy and his dog, if your dogs wont hunt together its not quite as much fun. I used to think I wanted a dog that would get by hisself and get treed, in a comp. hunt thats fine but pleasure huntin it burns up alot of time. JMHO