870 Super MAG ?????

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  1. Ginder75

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    Well, with one day left for Duck Season. I went and bought a new shotgun.

    I have been wanting a 3 1/2 12 guage for several years and I finally found one to make mine.

    This morning, the fog was heavy and the wood ducks were whistling. But my NEW shotgun was jammed. One 3 1/2 shell and then nothing. After some serious persuading!!! The fired round came free from the chamber and I went on. After a few more ducks and some more single shot cussing. I went to the shop for a little Rem Oil. All seemed well for the remainder of the morning.

    Tonight, I was standing in waist deep water with Mallards overhead and the problem returned. What makes my headhurt, is that the shotgun will fire five or six rounds without failure, then it would snag on two or three rounds.

    I tried several different shells and had the same result.]

    After a long story, does anyone have any suggestions? It appears the chamber is a little tight and when the shotshell expands after firing, it get hung.

    I cleaned the shotgun tonight and did not feel any burrs or machine marks to account for this problem.
  2. JR

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    I had a problem similar to this with my 20 gauge several years ago, but it turned out to be the ammo. I sure wish that I could help you out. :dontknow:

  3. jjarvis0007

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    I posted the same problem on my 870 not too long ago. It did it for the first couple of times I used it. I finally pulled the action and everything apart and put oil on the springs for the ejector. It did it one time the rest of duck season. I noticed it will only do it with 3 or 2 3/4 shells. I shot Blackcloud 3.5s all year and they never jammed. Remington will tell you its a burr. I couldnt find a burr on mine either. Just try taking it apart and cleaning everything out.

    My old thread is on the second page if you want to see the stuff everyone wrote.
  4. Manybeards

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    Clean it and make sure you try a different brand of shells.
  5. ace777

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    i bought the same gun a few years ago and it did the same thing. after two trips back to remington and still having the same problem, i bought a nova and the 870 is still in the closet.:biggrin:
  6. Ginder75

    Ginder75 Well-Known Member

    Well, I am going to polish the first inch of the chamber and see how that works.

    I took it all apart last night and really cleaned it.

    It appears that the brass cap ont he shotshell is sticking in the chamber. You can force it out, but you really have to pull (two hands with the butt of the stock on the ground). What gets me, is that after I clear a jam. The shotgun works fine for a few rounds. Then it acts up again.

    It may go back to Remington, but I am going to give it a THROUGH once over before I send it back.
  7. Hobbshunter

    Hobbshunter Well-Known Member

    That happened to my 870 Super Mag a few times when it was new. The action would just freeze, and it would require some serious muscle to get it going. I was always shooting some ancient trap loads that my dad had probably reloaded 20 years ago, so I figured it was them.
    I havent had a problem with mine in years though.
  8. Ginder75

    Ginder75 Well-Known Member

    Just got off the phone with Remmington. They suggested polishing the chamber. That some of the coating may of caked up on the inside of the chamber slightly reducing the clearance. It makes sense to me, but now I have to find a way polish the chamber without doing additional damage.

    I have a Dremel with the flex apapter and I even have jewlers polish. Now I need to find a small felt wheel that will fit the bore.

    Any other suggestions?
  9. NOX

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    Pattern that little remington barrel before you waste a bunch of money on 3.5 inch shells........

    3s may pattern better.....

    also, you have to really stroke those more than the normal 870s......, longer action. My nephew jams his all the time because he short strokes it........
  10. LedZhead20

    LedZhead20 Well-Known Member

    NOX you are right that is what happens alot. Mine did it a bunch as well, then it stopped. However 3's pattern better than 3 1/2's
  11. Mule man

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    Ginder, I polished a chamber using a brass brush screwed into an old cleaning rod that I had cut the handle off of. I chucked the rod into my Dewalt drill and put some polishing compound on the brush (several times). I used a 12 ga. brush and just pushed to different sides of the chamber. I believe you could use a 10 ga. brush.? and stay in the chamber. Good Luck
  12. Ginder75

    Ginder75 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replys!

    I used an old brass brush, T-Shirt, Ultra Bright Toothpaste, and my Electric drill.

    I was amazed by the amount of black coating (overspray) I pulled out of the chamber. The chambers is now as shiney as the bore and I cannot feel or see any blemishes.

    I am going to give it a try this weekend on a few Canadians that have been buzzing the house.

    Good info on the 3 inch verses 3 1/2 inch shells. I will do that before the next duck season. But I really wanted 3 1/2 for Geese and Turkey. My thought was the more pellets in the air, the better my odds are of making contact.

    Thanks for the help, I will post my results from this weekend.

  13. Ginder75

    Ginder75 Well-Known Member

    I think it is fixed!!!!

    After some more time with a felt polishing wheel, a Dremel, and some polishing compound. My chamber is flawless, and functioned as it should!

    Too bad, I had to do all this on a NEW shotgun, but it is fixed.

    If anyone else has a failure to eject problem on a new Remington Express shotgun. Check the chamber. My shotgun has some coating overspray on the inside of the chamber and when a shell was shot it would bind in the chamber. It was a quick way to turn a pump shot gun into a single shot.

    Thanks for the help.

    I am ready for TURKEY SEASON unless I spend some time chasing those darn Snow Geese.

  14. flintknapper

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    After reading all this I looked at the chamber of my 870 express (3") and it had that dreaded "overspray" in the chamber. Never gave any trouble, but I polished it anyway. Amazing what you can learn around here! :thumb:
  15. Just one more reason this is a great place to hang out!