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870 super mag

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I am having trouble with my 870 super mag. The barrel will not tighten up and when you do get it tight the gun will not shoot cause the reciever will not lock down. also when you get the gun where it will shoot the barrel is loose and you cannot eject the shell. any help with this??:banghead:
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I've got a similar problem with my 870, receiver won't lock down. Curious if anybody has the answer.
Will it lock in with the action and bolt out of the gun?
That's my thinking...or something lodged with the action
Does the ejector work it may be in wrong too
Is the bolt put together right ?
yes. I am going to take it apart again tonight and give it a good cleaning. It is shooting just not working up to par
Trigger guard and stuff connected to it may be in wrong never force it in
just took apart and put back together minus bolt and it is still not working properly. Everything is in right and not forced together. It has to do with the forearm slid rods hitting the "pump button" lever. if that makes sense.
There is a locking ring on top of the forearm slid. Make sure this ring is tight. If the ring has loosened up, it will make the slide action wrong.
fixed it. springhilsf you were right. I tightened it down and it is working like a champ. Where do you live in spring hill? I was born and raised there

Is the bolt riding rods like this?
Had two of them. One was the best and toughest shotgun. Shot it for ten yrs finally wore it out. Bought a new one it wouldnt eject shells. Sent it back to Remington it come back still wouldnt eject shells. Its in the scrap yard somewhere right now lol.
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