80's model toyota pickup 4WD

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by goosemonkey, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. goosemonkey

    goosemonkey Well-Known Member

    looking for a pickup to drive back and forth to work and hunting.
  2. ishootducks

    ishootducks Well-Known Member

    Got a 92 model in jonesboro if your interested

  3. goosemonkey

    goosemonkey Well-Known Member

    shoot me a pm with price please
  4. wild willey

    wild willey Guest

    hey man I have a buddy who has a 86 toyota reg cab 4 wheel drive for around 2500.00. I used to own the truck and when I bought it the thing was sharp with a new paint job. I know it needs a exhaust leak fixed and the drivers side window needs some work. It needs a new gear or something. I thought about buying it back but I couldn't talk him down past 2500.00. Hollar at me at work if your intrested and i will sell it to you for 2950.00 just kiddin but get with me and i can give him a call or give you his #