76 Cj-5 needs work *

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    Has a metal body that is beat up but not rusted through, no top. It has the stright 6 in it. It has an 8000lb ramsey pto winch that works fine. I bought it going to fix it enough to mud ride and beat around in but I just do not have time. I do not have a title on it because the guy I bought it from was supposed to be getting me one and never did but I will give a bill of sale. I have not had time to file for a lost one and really didnt need it because I was not going to drive it on a road. It cranks and runs but rough at just over idle. It has the automatic choke and it is broke so it has been tied open with a wire and I figure thats why it runs rough. It has a head gasket leak, and needs new axel seals, someone put a new wiring harness on it and none of the instrument panel works. The fan blows but no ac or heat. I just hate watching it set when I know somebody could put a little time in and have a fun hunting ride. That is all the problems I think it has. I am just going to try and get some of my money back on it or swap for something I could use more. asking $1,500 might trade on something trailer, guns, boat, just ask. I have a video where you can hear it running. I can take pics if you want them. Just txt me 8705388722 located it collins