742 woodsmaster

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  1. i have a chance to get this at a heck or a deal its a early 60's model just wondering about the barrel and action can it be rebarreled if needed and action overhauled if needed and what would be the chance of needing nothing done to it loooks to be in about a 70%to 75% gun present owner knows nothing about gun he took it in on a trade :head:
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    I had a 742 one time,definitely not a 60's model, but it was a complete POS. Barrel was slightly loose from the rest of the gun and made it impossible to group in a pie plate at 50 yds. To check it firmly hold the butt and the trigger area and point the barrel straight up. Give it a good shake and see if there is any play in the barrel. I know some people love theirs so I hope your looking at a good one.

    Heck I'd ask him to let me put a couple rounds through it.

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    I know a guy that has a Remington 742 Woodsmaster .270.. He has looked for a part for it and is unable to locate the part. Even, a gunsmith couldn't.. Something about obsolete parts for these guns.
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    I haven't had a single problem with mine but its not a 60's model either
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    gunparts.com I just bought a part for my 742 .243 this year, and they had almost all items in stock.
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    I'd go for it if it's a good deal. I've got a '60-somthing model in .30-06 and its a consistent shooter. Not the most accurate, but it'll group any combination of 180gr loads into 3"@100 yards, and any single brand/load into about 1.5" all day long. The 742 is affectionately known as the 'jam-o-matic' because it only functions well when kept clean and maintained. The chamber metal is fairly soft, so they're prone to wearing out if you shoot them too much. If its in good shape and the chamber looks good it might be a good deal.
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    My 1st rifle was a 742 (30.06)

    I still have it. I don't have anywhere to shoot it anymore but back in the day I put a whole lot of rounds through it at a 300 yard range.

    Jamming is a non issue if you keep it clean. Accuracy wise I have killed several deer at 300+ yards with it and my longest kill on a deer with it was just a hair over 550 yards. I make my own reloads that are taylored for this rifle. I'm sure this is a factor to the accuracy I get.

    I know it is a Remington but with my reloads it didn't group remington brass as well as winchester brass and federal brass has the largest grouping. Bullets are speer 165 gr psp and using WW powder.

    I'm not sure of the year model. I got it used in 1980 when I was a young whippersnapper.
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    I was told not to shoot the 180 grain bullets out of mine (30-06). I don't remember the exact reason, but it seems like it wears something out in the action. I've always shot the 150's and never had a problem. I don't know the year of it. Got it from my grandpa about 15 years ago.
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    Took my first deer with a 742 and several after that. I clean my guns regulary and never had a problem. Remington stopped making them several years ago and replaced it with the 7400.
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    I have 2 model742 woodsmasters with the squared forarms. Bdl I think. One is a 30-06 other is 308. I love both of them I have been shooting my 30-06 for 20 years. It rides in truck year round it had gotten to were it would hang up at times carried it to gunsmith and he replaced a spring now cycles like new. Parts are getting hard to come by they are obsolete and Remington no longer makes parts for them. My gun smith told me he buys all he can find cause when there gone that's it. If I could tho I would buy more of them tho in all the available calibers. I think they came in 243 270 280 308 30-06
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    I had one for a lot of years. I think they come in two kinds, ones that jam and ones that don`t! I also think the short action ones are the better ones. JMO Dave.
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    My father moved from a Marlin 30/30 to a 742 .30-06 over 30 years ago, and he is just now looking for another. He has had no problems. He picked one up for me and we couldn't get it sighted in. The fore end bolt kept coming loose. After getting that taken care of, never had another problem. Except for the time I was shooting at the largest buck I have ever seen. He was chasing a doe broadside at 30 yards. The gun jammed on the 4th round and I never got it off.:banghead:Had a Tasco on it and emptied a clip on it while shoot at a buck at about 100 yards. The buck went off and came back. I got off 2 more shots.:banghead:That was 6 years ago. Got a 700BDL and never looked back, til my son took it from me this year.:smack:So I guess you can say we experienced both sides. I did take some bucks with it, but my misses were problems with the gun, scope, or confidence in both.:whistle:After the seven shot miss, it wouldn't eject the shells. A gunsmith said the clip on the bolt had come off and it couldn't eject. Should have sold it then rather than fixing it. Haven't fired it since.
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    I have a 742 woodsmaster that I bought in 1972. It's all I have used over the years for my derer hunting. I really like it. It's accurate, and dependable. I have never had any problems with it.