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  1. BestBuy scam. These scammers will text or SMS your phone with an official bestbuy logo etc. Saying you have won a. $1000 bestbuy gift certificate that will be delivered by FedEx.

    They even show a FedEx truck along with the BestBuy icon. Pretty convincing, but as soon as you begin to give them delivery details it erupts into one of those page after page of "offers" you must select from in order to get your "prize".

    Because of the official icons shown I was taken in for a couple of minutes. A quick online check reveals a small army of others contacted by these crap artists.

    I forgot that "THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH. Ignore calls/messages from 7933485596.
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  2. AR Thumper

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    I got one of these notices on my verizon account where the only thing the number is used for is internet account ID. I told my wife I figured it was a Phishing Scam!

  3. JB Weld

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    I got this the other day. I did delete it (thank goodness).

    Clawmute is absolutely correct: "There is no free lunch" :spam:
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    Nope there's not
  5. 10pointman

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    I got that text,I figured it was a scamm.