6HP go-cart,or, go-cart & 6HP engine.

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  1. ozarkthunder

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    Predator go cart, roll cage, disc brakes,torque a verter,6hp techumseh engine.
    I bought engine new, less than 20 hours on engine.
    Heres the deal,Cart is rough shape,i bought it used and replaced engine. This not one to buy your kids and expect hours of enjoyment out of it. I kept it running because i could work on it.But if your willing and able to take on a project, here it is. I will sell engine & cart together or seperate. Engine is a side shaft and usable for many things. 50$ for cart, torque-a verter. I gave about 300 for engine, will take 175 for it. PM me. In Pocahontas area.
  2. ozarkthunder

    ozarkthunder Well-Known Member

    Bought son a 4 wheeler, need the room. 35$ for frame or i will haul it for scrap or push it in the fence row.

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    Can you send or text me a picture?