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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by sam, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. sam

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    Yesterday I went to Little Rock for my Aunt Ouida's retirement celebration, it was also her 90th birthday. She's my Dad's baby sister. She has been the editor of , what used to be the Rural Arkansas, Arkansas Living Magazine. She's worked for the REA for 63 years. She also still drives all over Little Rock, Arkansas and anywhere else she wants to go. An amazing lady.

    First picture, left to right, my oldest sister, Ouida's son, my middle sister, Aunt Ouida, my daughter and of course me.

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    Latest cover of the Magazine

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  2. AR Thumper

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    Congradulations on her retirement & Beautiful Family!

  3. odocoi

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    I believe she earned it!!
  4. BowHunter21

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    Boy I sure envy her.. That's some dang good work ethics if I've ever seen it!
  5. GotPork

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    congrats to your aunt and for all her years of service!!:clap:
  6. ike1986

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    I read her story in the magazine today, heck of a career.
  7. speedygman

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    Wow!! 63 years with the same employeer is unheard of. I've been with same employeer for 14 years and I feel like an old timer around there.

    Congrats to her!!
  8. sam

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    Yep, she's something else. Like I said above she still lives and drives all over Little Rock everyday and thinks nothing about jumping in her car and heading up to St Louis to see her youngest son and his family. Drives up here to the old home place every couple of weeks and raids my garden. She never misses a home Razorback football game and makes a lot of the home basketball games. She's always done things her way, she majored in Home Economics and Chemistry in college, the Home Ec was expected, the chemistry was because she was keeping her options open to go to Med school. She never did get around to medical school, said she was too busy, but her youngest son is a MD.
  9. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
  10. Bowhuntr

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    Congrats to her. We get that magazine and I was just looking at her on the cover yesterday. Good job Ouida!
  11. BDW

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    That's awesome!! :up:
  12. tkcampb1

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    WOW! She sounds amazing! Congratulations to her!!!!!!!
  13. deltabowhunter

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    I got my magazine in the mail with her picture on it just the other day.