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  1. bullet107

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    I have a trolling motor mount on the front of my edge, well when I went to mount the watersnake shadow it has to hang over about 8" to drop. Does anyone have pics of how they mounted theirs. Thanks.
  2. Razorback123

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    Haven't tried to mount mine yet. Hope I can mount my TM with no problems

  3. bullet107

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    Took the mount off. Brandon at cuz said they mount them across the bow.
  4. madduck87

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    Only problem on any boat with bow mounting is getting to the bolts and nuts, or if sheet metaled screws then wallerin the hole out
  5. chevyduckhunt

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    That's why they use rivnuts
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  7. greenhead smackdown

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    Yep, rivnuts are the way to go for sure. Super easy to install and uninstall.

    That being said, it is real easy to mount the trolling motor brackets on the bow of the edge using regular bolts/nuts, because there is plenty of room to reach under the deck if you take the storage lid off.
  8. madduck87

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    Best idea ive seen is the threaded washer deals, u drill the hole then snap them in and it makes a threaed hole, i have seen em used in bass boat with carpet but not aluminum may be worth tryin if you aluminum is thick enough, just simply thread the holes somehow
  9. chevyduckhunt

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    Just go down to little rock bolt or star bolt with the length bolt you need and you can get the bolts and rivnuts and the rivnut gun there to install. Just mark and drill the holes where you need them and install the rivnuts. When you take your trolling motor off it leaves a almost flush surface. We use them for mounting all kinds of things. If you want a led light bar for duck season but don't want it on there for fishing use rivnuts. If they start to come loose you just compress them a little more but I have never had any start to loosen. They make for a real fast install and removal and a clean look