55 gal drum septic tank.

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by Nighthawk, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Nighthawk

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    I was thinking about adding a inside bathroom on our camp and using a 55 gal drum for a septic tank . Any ideas on how much feild line to run? Or has anybody here done this? I wouldnt run the sink and bath water into it only toilet water.
  2. Lab

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    It works very well. At a place I worked in South Carolina we had no problem with one of these set ups. The soils down there were sandy so no percing issues.


    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    An idea.........if you can find one or get your hands on one........the 55 gal barrel SALVAGE/HAZMAT drum.........heavy plastic with a screw type lid, that a 55 gallon barrel will fit inside!!

    That's what I have on my cabin...with the lid, just above ground level, so if it ever needs to be cleaned out, remove the lid and go to work:whistle:
  4. Dapro

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    We did a double drum setup when we setup up an Apartment on the end of my shop....Shower stall, Toilet, kitchen and bathroom sink

    a single 20' drainage line should be fine for a single toilet setup

    Here is a good wiki how to that we did:
  5. bloody acorns

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    got one

    We have had one in the ground for over 10 years - put in 200 feet lateral line no issues
  6. Nighthawk

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    Thanks for the info guy im gonna try it.
  7. Claymore

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    We just installed a system using 3 drums and 60 ft of graveless pipe. working great.
  8. OuachitaMtnMan

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    Don't let the state catch you doing that. You're talking major fines. Make sure you are not close to a creek or your well.
  9. Earnhardt fan #1

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    We used a old bath tub turned upside down:biggrin:
  10. If you don't own over 10 acres you are correct. There are some stipulations to Septic systems and you need to be aware of them.
    10 or more acres and you can pretty much do what you want but there are some regulation about the distance from land line and water systems like ponds and streams.
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    His name says "nighthawk"... If hes like me he does his best work in the dark anyways:biggrin: No one can see, no one can tell:confused:
  12. Funny thing about septic systems .......they are hard to hide.
    Kind of apparent with the field lines and a line from the home.
  13. Nighthawk

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    I own the 20 acres it sits on we got an out house but it gets scary in there sometimes nearest person living around is a mile up the road boardered by Plum creek and I lease all that so I think I am safe.
  14. BlackWaterHunter

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    My family installed septic systems for years. Use at least the two drum system. Run a solid line to the first drum with the line coming in as close to the top as you can and the exit line just below that run another solid line to the next drum coming at a slight downward angle from the exit of the first drum. The field line should them come out about mid drum the other side. You can use a one line system, but recommend a gravel bed and some type of cover over the top of the line before you bury it. Tar paper will work if you can find anything else. Run a about 50 foot of field line. We have over ten acres for our camping area (which we own) It can handle up to 35 people in our camp. Good luck.
  15. Ozone

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    I know a person :)biggrin:) who used a 300 gallon square tank, (30 bucks) instead. Still working.

    If perking is not an issue, running the sink into it won't be either.
  16. 9 toes

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    We built one of these two years ago after getting water at our camp. We used two 55 gal plastic drums. Ran into the first one then ran a line from this barrel into the top of second barrel. We drilled 1/4" holes in the lower half of each barrel. This has been working fine for three people for two years now. The only thing that runs in it is the commode. Friend of mine did the same thing but just cut the bottom out of the barrels, works fine.

    POPSBOY Well-Known Member

    There are some big plastic tanks they say soap comes in with a metal cage that would hold alot more than a barrel. Seen a few sold around for different uses. Have seen them used for minnow tanks even.
  18. twiceborn

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    I built one several years ago when I had a mobile home on my property while building my house. I took two 55 gallon drums, cut a hole in the top of one that I could fit a 4" pvc elbow into, attached the elbow and ran other end to house, cut an outlet hole just below the rim on the opposite side, ran 4" pipe from that into the second barrell in which I had cut a 4" hole, dropped down about 6" on the second barrel opposite my hole and cut another 4" hole and out of that ran my pvc perforated field line. I ran 30feet of this buried in a trench with gravel all around it. Principle is, sewage runs into first barrell, solids settle, then into the second barrell, more solids settle, and then liquids run out. Worked for a couple of years for us. Of course the barrels are buried, this is the hardest part, that and the trench I had to dig by hand.