5 Gallon Bucket Trap

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by retnuhreed, Jan 5, 2008.

  1. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

    Anybody ever seen or used one of these? I've caught allot of coons and some possum with it, they work great. :cool:

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  2. sam

    sam Grand Member<br>2007 Photo Contest Winner<br>

    that's a new one to me, what holds the door shut after its tripped?

  3. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

    The bar going across the top slides down the sides to the bottom.
  4. FiremanMSmith

    FiremanMSmith Well-Known Member

    I just finished building a repeating coon trap out of a 55 gallon barrel. I havent been able to set it out yet so I dont know if it will work. As soon as I put it out and it works, I will post some pics. It is pretty ugly so I wont post pics until I can say it works. :biggrin:
  5. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

    Maker is Iron City Trap Company

    I cant post their website because I havent made enough post.....:confused: Its their name .com.
  6. sam

    sam Grand Member<br>2007 Photo Contest Winner<br>

    OK, took a minute of look'n at the picture to get it through my head, but after I finally saw it right I got it. Might have to make a couple of these, be cheaper than store bought live traps.
  7. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

    Doesn't look like it would be that hard to make. One thing about the trap is the coons dont go crazy in it, guess they feel safer in the bucket, I dont know. I've caught em' in square wire traps and they come unglued when you approach.
  8. sam

    sam Grand Member<br>2007 Photo Contest Winner<br>

    Yep, I've had to re-build all my wire, store bought live traps, they don't put'em together near tough enough for big coons.
  9. Earnhardt fan #1

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    Sam most of our coons don't eat as well as yours do:wink:
  10. neotoxo

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    What sets and triggers it?

    RAMBUSTER Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    +1 :head:
    I need a couple of those.:up:
  12. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

    The rod holding the door up goes to the back of the bucket then 90's down to a paddle. You put the bait behind the paddle and when they reach the ole paw back there to dig the food out they pull the paddle to em and release the door.
  13. taxidermydude

    taxidermydude Well-Known Member

    Welllll they just sold one more! LOL
  14. bbauer

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    How would you dispatch animals?
  15. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member


    I guess when you say "dispatch", you mean get em' out? :confused: Uh..... you gotta open the door. :razz: The rod is threaded about half way down and has a coupling in the middle so you can unscrew it and pull it out. Coons will grab that pedal sometimes and you cant shake em out. When you take the rods apart, the paddle and the coon will all come out.
  16. Hillbillyhunter

    Hillbillyhunter Member<br>2006 Photo Contest Winner

    I looked and looked and could not see how a bar slides on that . could you give a better pic of the bar that slides to hold the door down..
  17. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member


    Im not where I can take a pic of the trap but heres a pic of what it looks like. It just slides up and down the front, sized to where it wont come off. Hope this helps.

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  18. That is too good!! I'll have to build myself one or two of dem rascals!
  19. hollenbach

    hollenbach Well-Known Member

    I have used a lot of bucket traps with a 220 Connibear set in the opening. The coon will be very calm when you approach this set up, also.