4x8 ATV / Utility Trailer *

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by pruitt76, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. pruitt76

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    4x8 Utility / ATV trailer. $400. The tires are worn pretty good on the inside and seem to wear faster than normal for some reason. I want to make sure everyone is aware so there are no surprises. Will consider trades. I am locate in Buckner, AR which is about 45 minutes East of Texarkana. I can take additional pics if needed.

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    4x8 ATV / Utility Trailer

    Looks like a good 4-wheeler trailer. Wish i needed one. Just wanted to comment on the tires. I doubt seriously that it's a trailer issue. More than likely, it's poor original tires that are wearing in this unusual way. I had a tire dealership replace mine a month or so ago. I was sure an axle was bent but he said that most of these cheap tires last just a few thousand miles. Huge areas will just wear down on them. He replaces them all the time. Slap good tires on this trailer and you will get years of use.