4 limits of mallards over full bodies @ cache

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by icallemclose, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. icallemclose

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    You guys whine about the lack of water, rain, etc. I, too, would prefer more water but what seperates the hunter from the weekend warrior is the ability to adapt. Picture doesn't do it justice but this nasty Cache River spread, topped of with full bodies in the mud, put the hurt on em. Ducks are here guys, but you may have to get creative.

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  2. dirtdart

    dirtdart Well-Known Member

    The only thing missing is all of those hurt ducks? I guess it worked. Oh! Wait! No...thought I saw some with landing gear down. LOL!

  3. ihateroboducks

    ihateroboducks Well-Known Member

    You are obviously the epitome of all that is man.
  4. Skillet

    Skillet Well-Known Member

    A chest-thumper with a spinner...who'd a thunk it? :smack:
  5. J. Adams

    J. Adams Well-Known Member

    To say Im impressed would be a major understatement, I have looked far and wide for this famous cache river only to be denied time and again, Is the area suitable for canoe, inflatable that is?
    I have developed a similar set up for sandbars here on the river, my full body "small blacks" are made from old strofoam wig holders (like granny used to have up in the closet) they are "crude" at this point but I have been approached by numerous potential customers once I go full production I intend to make enough money to get a real canoe, well or at least a newer one.
  6. hazel10779

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    IF your looking of a one man canoe. I higly reccomend Native Watercraft. I have an Ultimate 12 and it is the coolest thing ever. Its like a cross between a canoe and kayak. Just look them up on the web. I found mine on craigslist. They arent cheap, but awesome.
  7. shiftymcfive01

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    put me down for 10 dozen
  8. J. Adams

    J. Adams Well-Known Member

    Thank you Shifty!!

    As a prize for the first order and first customer I can also let you in a secret and send you another of my new items for free!

    I have been working on developing a call for the "small blacks" through 20 years of research I have it nearly complete and ready for the market, believe it or not, it's a converted snowgoose call with a big beer can over the end, it produces the low gutterall feeding and mating calls that are much desired by the species.

    Check it out, what it lacks in looks it makes up in sound.

  9. klittle250

    klittle250 Well-Known Member

    Can I get one of those "small black" calls special ordered with a 12 oz PBR barrel? That should complete my collection of aluminum reed timber calls.
  10. BDW

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    I've got a Hunter's Specialties call with a Falstaff can duct taped to the end of it. It's the call I use when I hunt sewer ponds.....Cuz it sounds like :censored:.