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The Eastern season opened here in Texas yesterday (4/1). I went to my favorite place which is Walnut Creek on Lake Texoma. I can disclose this since I am moving back to Arkansas tomorrow! It was cold and the wind was blowing 30 mph. A friend was parked where I parked and we split up and didn't have any luck. He called me an hour after daylight and we met up. We decided to make a round together. At 10:00am, I cut hard on a HS strut cutting 2.5 and one hammered at about 100 hards in the 10:00 o'clock direction and one gobbled about 150 yards in the 1:00 o'clock direction. We set up and called and neither turkey gobbled. After about 10 minutes I heared a turkey walking up from the right and I looked around and this gobbler was in full strut with a blood red head. He was 35 steps beyond my friend that was 15 steps to my right. I started cackling and cutting and he started rattling the woods. I don't know when I have seen a better show or seen a more beautiful bird. He worked around in front of us and I lowered the boom. I was surprised to find out it was a jake. Yes, 2 jakes in 2 days on public land I am not ashamed of it! Hopefully I can get back in the longbeards on the 12th.

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