3cyl outboard

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  1. SCDuck

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    What was the last production yr of the following 3cyl motors:
    25-30 yamaha
    25 tohatsu
    25 suzuki
  2. Razorback123

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    Search function does wonders

  3. Koondawg

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    Yamaha 30hp 3cyl, 2-stroke 1987-2001
    yamaha 25hp 3cyl, 2-stroke 1997-2001
  4. ghost duck

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    I believe it's 1989-2001 for the 3 cylinder Suzuki and the 3 cylinder toahatsu is simply a mythical motor that does not exist
  5. blowdown

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    who is this SCDuck cat anyway? Dude's hittin up the forums like its 2008 all over again.