.375 winchester ammo?

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  1. My dad bought a big bore 94 in .375 win. I've called every store and looked on every website and the only place I found any ammo was a couple of boxes on gun broker. I may end up having to get it from there but I just thought I would see if anyone on here had any for sale or knew where to point me. We don't have a reloader so I'm not really wanting to go that way. I would appreciate any info.
  2. If you found a couple of boxes you'd best get them.. That's a tough caliber to get in good times.. :up:

  3. boapaul

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    If you do find some save the cases after you shoot them, you could get some one that already reloads to reload them for you. or get a reloader to make up some for you if the brass is available.
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    I've got that gun too! My dad passed it down to me. He also passed along some bullets and reloading dies. Good luck I hope you find some. It is a really cool caliber in my opinion!
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    I used to own a 375 Winchester and still have quite a bit of brass for one. If your interested in it send me a private message and I'll let you know how much I have.

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    Brass may be kinda tricky to locate as well. However, if you reload or know someone that does, you can always use commonly available 30-30 brass or even 38-55 brass. You may have to use lower pressure loads; although I have read that some people use 30-30 brass for standard-full pressure loads in the .375. I haven't tried it as I don't own anything in this caliber but have been interested in it off and on for a few years.
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    I have brass. Contact me if your interested.

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    Hello all, I realize that this is an old thread, but found it in a search for .375 win. brass. It's been real hard to find and thought I would throw it out there that I'm looking for in case some of you might still have some.

    Thank you, Terry
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    Sorry Terry it was gone immediately. I sold it for less than Midway sales it for and I probably could have sold it for several times the normal retail price.

    Good luck
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    Thank you for the quick reply. I appreciate that there are people like you out there that are willing to help fellow Sportsmen/women out without gouging! Kudos to you! Weather up here in North Dakota is warming up nicely and time to get out and do more shooting.
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    Try Old Western Scrounger for rare or obsolete ammo.
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    I have brass and a few hundred bullets. 225gr I think...bunch of 38-55 brass that I shoot also.
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    38-55 brass is not as thick as 375 Win brass and is not made to withstand the higher pressures as the 375 Win.

    Hopefully some day soon the brass manufactures will catch up with existing orders of more popular brass and will start making some of the less popular stuff. Hornady is making some bullets now that two years ago were impossible to get, so it appears they're finally starting to catch up.
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    Not a thickness problem. Slight difference in length. 38-55 was never built to take 375 win pressures. I use both loaded to 375 win pressures in my win big bore and m375 marlin without issue. I bought 300 375win cases and 500 38-55 cases back in 1990 and still have about 400 unloaded flat nose left of a 1,000 I purchased years ago.
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    Thank you for the reply,
    Any of the actual .375 brass you would be willing to part with?
  16. Woodpecker

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    Thank you, I will check it out!
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