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  1. Passthrough

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    I am looking to buy a bolt action 308. Nothing super fancy, just another deer rifle that will get shot a few times a year at best. I have been looking at the following guns:

    - Weatherby Vanguard S2
    - Thompson center venture
    - Remington 700 SPS
    - Browning A-Bolt stalker

    These guns are all in the $450-$550 range on Buds. Hard not to get a Remington 700 becuase of the great reputation, but I raelly like the looks and feel of the others.

    Any suggestions? Reasons I should avoid any of these guns? The only one I have shot is the Waetherby. I know the Vanguard is their lower line but the S2 really looks sharp and felt like a solid rifle.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. buck n duck

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    I have a Remington 700 SPS tactical that I really like. But out of the list you have I would go with the Browning A-Bolt, you might also want to look at the Tikka T3-lite.

  3. MrPunem

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    Ruger american got one at the beginning of season, for the price it can't be beat, Walmart had them for $357
  4. Passthrough

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    I have a ruger american in 30.06. So far so good but Im really wanting one of the ones listed above.
  5. alexanderg23

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    I like the Remington 700
  6. poke_53

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    Its not on your list but if I were you I would look into the Tikka T3. Great/smooth action. Great barrel. Great value for the price in a hunting rig.
  7. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    I have a 300 Win Mag in an A Bolt and the A Bolt is a smooth operator. Any of them will do the job though.
  8. Adog

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    Marlin XS7
    Just started hunting with it this year, totally love it. The fit and feel is way better than a remington 700, imo.
  9. Passthrough

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    Can you bottom load that gun? I dont want anything that is top load only
  10. MountainBuck

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    I would also opt for the Tikka T3, Have a remington 700, A bolt and Tikka, I think The action is better on the Tikka, really smooth. The Tikka is my gun of choice of the bolt actions I own.
  11. Adog

    Adog Well-Known Member

    It is top load only, the one and only thing I don't like about it.
  12. factory909

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  13. buske475

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    I also have the ruger and love it it has the 4 round rotery mag shoots great too shoots just as well as there scout rifle i also have
  14. I doubt you could go wrong with any of them. I have a vanguard (non s2) in .308 and love it
  15. mwells72774

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    might look into a savage hunter series rifle. they're awesome and IMO better than a remington 700

    another good option would be a remington 788. there's one at a local pawn shot for $300. got one in 22-250 and LOVE it. smooth as butter
  16. Hudge

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    I am having problem with my newest 700, so I am shying away from them now. I second the Tikka or Savage XP.
  17. CBD

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    I have the Browning Stalker in .308 and it is my favorite rifle. Very accurate, good action with the 60 degree bolt, good synthetic stock, and feels really good. I have rifles that are much more expensive but I don't know that they're any better. It is the one I have used over all others the last several years.
  18. miketyson26

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    I'm with the Ruger guys too. Don't overlook them. I don't have any experience with the new Ruger American rifle but I have a Ruger M77, Hawkeye All Weather in .308 Win and I absolutely love it. You can shoot a heavier round if you want to and the .308 ballistics are good. Plus I have no problem hunting downpour rain with my Ruger. That Ruger with a Nikon scope is more accurate then the guy shooting it will ever be.

    RUGER!!! :thumb: :thumb: :thumb:

    Miketyson26 :flag: