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300win mag

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I was thinking on trying some federal premium
130 grain Barns tipped triple shock bullets in my 300win mag TC PRO HUNTER,deer & hog hunting this year. Has any one used this? If so good or bad idea?
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Hey BushMan .... welcome to the forum's.... make yourself at home, and get to know everyone. Theres a real nice group of folks ( almost a family ) here.

As far as your question goes, I don't shoot that round, so I can't give you any advice, BUT I can say that you might come closer to getting an accurate response by posting your question in the guns / firearms / ammo. section of the forum. It is just a little further down on the main menu screen.

Good luck .... and again , welcome.
Thanks! im new at this one button at a time ye ha
Welcome to the site. Jump right on in and join the crowd.

I brought this thread over the the guns forum for you.

Although I have never shot the Barnes TSX bullet, they are supposed to penetrate deep and hold together real well. I wouldn't see any problem at all using this bullet, probably except for the cost.

Looking at Federal's web site, I don't see the 130 grain bullet listed, just the 165 and 180 grain.
Thanks Mr. Chitlin. midway has them $54 a box i believe
Thanks Mr. Chitlin. midway has them $54 a box i believe
Yep, I wasn't looking at the tipped bullet. Still should be a good bullet that will hold together. 130 grains in a 300 Mag, must have great velocity!!
From my limited knowledge, I would guess that a 130gr. TSX out of a .300 win mag, shouldn't suffer significant downrange droppage until ..... ummmmm , say maybe the next day :eek::smack:.........

I still want another gun , not that I have any right now :biggrin:.... in the 7mm wsm.... or, I may just go for the srtaight 7 mm mag...

That used to be my dream gun..... 7mm mag in a Browning A-Bolt whitegold medallion... with a 5-20 x 44 Nikon Monarch.

But I'm sure it would have more bullet drop than BushMans 130 gr. .300 mag... :up:
My passion is bow hunting for the last 10 years. but i decided to try gun hunting again always had a 30-30. This is the first big rifle i"ve bought so this is new to me. I seen 2 real nice bucks last year at about 250-300 yrds. I forgot to put my 300yrd pin on my DRENALIN. Let them come out this year and i"ll introduce them to Mr. 300 mag
Bush, I shoot a 300 Win Mag and for deer I have used the 165 grain Hornady Spire point loaded with 59.3 gr of IMR 4064. This proved to be a very accurate load for my rifle and a good round to practice with. This load worked good for me but as always when reloading you need to start with a minimum load and work up to find what works best in your rifle. I never hog hunted but I'm sure this would work well.
I've seen you shoot pigs between the eyes at 20 yards with that drenalin, I think you should try that 300 yard pin :biggrin:
ok taggedout I'll need a camera man you up for it:
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