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A better ballistics nut can give you more percise info, but the 300 Win. mag is not even in the same league as the 300 Weatherby Mag. 300 Rem ULTRA mag comes close on performance, but really needs to be reloaded to reach the energy and foot pound performance. I have a custom 300 ULTRA and do not reload. I wish it was a 300 Weatherby.

Remington makes a factory load for the 300 Weatherby its a Core-Lokt 180 grain bullet. I know Federal loads a factory load for the 300 Weatherby. They are all 180 grain bullets, and come in a Barnes Triple Shock X Bullet, Nosler Partition, and Trophy Bonded Tip. Winchester to my knowledge does not make a Factory load for it, but there are other options BESIDES just Weatherby Factory Ammo

I think some of your hard to find stuff like Norma and Hornady made factory loads for the 300 Weatherby as well.

If you are gonna have a Weatherby caliber and you are not going to handload it really does you no good to use any other ammo than Weatherby.
Compare each manufacturer with their ballisitc chart to a Weatherby Chart.

I just read other posts. Where have you seen a 300 Weatherby magnum with less than a 26 inch barrel?? What has been stated above is true. If the gun has less then a 26 inch tube than its a waste of money period.

Well I'll be Weatherby makes their Vanguard (which it sounds like this gun is) with a 24 inch barrel. Guess you learn something everyday!!!
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