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For Sale
1983 ATC185S Honda 3 Wheeler. Runs great. Starts easily usually on the first pull. It has good tires and a like new seat. Has a little wear on the back right finder, not bad at all though. Both front and rear brakes work but the hand brake for the rear the cable is locked up. Could probably be easily replaced if you wanted. I never have because the foot brake works just fine. I will take $450 for it. Has a lot of power for such a small bike. If you have any questions you can reach me at 918-436-7035 or at [email protected]

Aaron Willard

Sorry I have pictures but I haven’t made 15 or more post so the site will not let me post links to other sites. So I can email them to anyone that wants. I will post pictures on here at soon as I figure out how.
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