3" v/s 3.5" loads

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by jcblough, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. jcblough

    jcblough Well-Known Member

    I've got a Winchester Super X2 chambered for 3.5" but have never shot anything but 2 /34 or 3's out of it. Anyone shoot 3.5s? If so, how have your results compared to 3's? I'm not looking to change persay, just been trying out some different loads.
  2. ARtreehugga

    ARtreehugga Well-Known Member

    Ive patterned 3'' and 3.5'' loads out of a 870 and a SBE with various chokes steel and lead. Ive always found 3'' to pattern better.

  3. jcblough

    jcblough Well-Known Member

    That seems to be the general feel on the web. I've read alot of stuff and haven't found anyone really endorse the 3.5's
  4. YellanMan

    YellanMan Well-Known Member

    3.5s are for geese and turkey. Don't mean to offend any of you killers that feel they need a 10ga to kill daffy.
  5. Ozone

    Ozone Well-Known Member

    Isn't it all about amount of shot, and speed? How could it be different with those being the same?
  6. greenhead smackdown

    greenhead smackdown Well-Known Member

    I used to shoot 3.5's until i patterned them. 3" way outperforms the 3.5". I will only shoot 3.5's at turkeys. 3" are better for ducks and geese in fields or timber. Honestly, 2 3/4" are the best out of a long range patternmaster.
  7. theplayer

    theplayer Well-Known Member

    I shot a case of 3.5's last year out of a SBEII and it about killed my sholder. I had to get a limbsaver pad to make it bareable. I switched to 3's this year and there doesn't seem to be any difference in distance or knockdown but the recoil is gone. I don't think the 3.5's are any better for ducks. The 2 3/4" out of a patternmaster makes sence because that would be a really tight pattern because of the shorter wad.
  8. factory909

    factory909 Well-Known Member

    from my view and looking at other peoples patterns, a 3" has always patterned better than 3.5" unless the barrel has been overbored. im going to play with some 3" #4's for timber ducks this weekend and half of next week (Vacation)!!!!
  9. J. Adams

    J. Adams Well-Known Member

    3.5 all the way, I prefer a 10 gauge really myself. That way when you are sky busting and shooting swing ducks there are maybe 3 out of the 10 we cripple we can actually pick up.:fit:
  10. DuckLn

    DuckLn Well-Known Member

    2 3/4 shells pattern best, then 3 inch, then 3.5 due to the nature of the longer string of flight. And you can buy 3 inch shells that shoot as fast as 3.5 inch shells which means they will kill a duck just as far (i didnt write the laws of physics) but you wont have as many pellets hittin em.

    If you shootin em in the hole the 3 inch will be more than enough.

    Somebody needs to tell the AGFC to control the seepage outta the water control gates which is actually a "flow" that must be helpin somebody downstream of importance. We're hurtin badly - gonna be very tough in a day or so of it isnt stopped.
  11. That's why shootem in the lips so they won't be talkin . :fit: I'm joking around I'd perfer 3" over 3.5 one price two I think they pattern better .
  12. wood duck whacker

    wood duck whacker Well-Known Member

    I shoot 3 inch and I prefer slower heavier shells. Just works better for me.
  13. green_head_getter

    green_head_getter Super Member<br>2010 Bowhunting Contest Winner

    3" always. Pattern so much better than a 3.5" btw if u think you need that extra shot to kill em, then apparently you ain't fooled em good enough. Course I don't shoot em til there tails touch the water. That's when you know you've really outsmarted em.