3 cyl Johnson 25

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by kuc931, Dec 5, 2012.

  1. kuc931

    kuc931 Well-Known Member

    Anybody know anything about these motors? Are they any good? What if any mods can be done to them, and who would be the guy to talk to?
  2. Ryan_289

    Ryan_289 Well-Known Member

    Im not sure on the mods but I had a friend that had one and got tired of the power packs going out on it. Sold it and bought a merc 25.

  3. alphamax32

    alphamax32 Well-Known Member

    I have ran them since 1997 and only problem i have had was self induced.... Yes i hear that some stuff can be done to them..
  4. kuc931

    kuc931 Well-Known Member

    I am thinking about picking one up. Anybody know where to find an e-start for it or know of one for sale. It has to be faster than my 1998 2 cylinder johnson 25. Running it on a 648 war eagle. Also, which pitch prop would be the best for this setup? Will be on a CMC.
  5. Razorback123

    Razorback123 Super Member<br>The Original BBDH

    as far as the prop goes you just gotta figure out what rpm you are turning at wide open throttle then choose a prop from there.
  6. alphamax32

    alphamax32 Well-Known Member

    The electric start will run u nearly $700 for new parts... The best prop that i have found is the OMC 15 pitch...
  7. NatNasty

    NatNasty Well-Known Member

    The best prop I have ran on one is a BRP or OMC there the same now but a ss prop well help a lot mattering were your rmps are to determine which one you need I have one on a 1542 war eagle 14 pitch runs great
  8. kuc931

    kuc931 Well-Known Member

    That's why I was hoping to find one second hand if anybody knows of one. Max, what size and brand boat are you running that 15p on?
  9. alphamax32

    alphamax32 Well-Known Member

    I ran it on a 16/48 War Eagle for 11 years , now it is on a 15/48 War Eagle.. I have 2 , one is just plain ol 15 pitch the other is 15 pitch with 17 degree of rake in it , both are OMC stainless props...
  10. Shawilliams

    Shawilliams Well-Known Member

    Get rid of the automatic oiling system, have it removed if it hasnt been already, just mix 50:1 manually. That system was crap! Have it bored out to the 35hp specs. or .030" over a stock 35hp, put 35hp jets in the carbs along with a set of boyseen reeds. They made that same 25hp motor in a 35hp version also, it was a long shaft with larger pistons and carb jets. Prop???? will have to get a tach and run it WOT and see where you are, will probably need a 13p or 14p OMC/BRP SS depending on your load/weight. I prop'd mine to hit 6200 RPM's (14p SRA SS power tech) with me in there by myself. Leaves me plenty of RPM's (5800) when I have a load. These are not the fastest moters in the world, lots of low end torque. Mine has been a good one.