260 ammo question

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  1. bigjoe

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    I went to buy some ammo the other day for my 260 an on all of.the boxes it says 50% less recoil wondering how these rounds will affect my distance, & knock down power b4 i buy any does anyone one know about this all comments are appreciated... btw i shoot remington corelocks 140grain
  2. tony r

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    it is not going to help it :biggrin: does remington web site not give info on both normal & reduced recoil ammo to compare them?tony

  3. bigjoe

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    Idk haven't looked yet was seeing if anyone has used it r not an wat they thought of it..the recoil on it doesn't bother me the way it is now
  4. 42769vette

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    Ive never ran factory ammo threw my 260. With a caliber like the 260 you might want to look at reloading.
  5. newton29

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  6. Get some regular ammo IMO.

    Remington markets that for kids and new shooters........
  7. bigjoe

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  8. bigjoe

    bigjoe Active Member

    What grain bullet do u use ive been impressd with the 140 grain been using it since i first for the gun an are u using an tc encore an I've never reloaded b4 an idk where to start any tips and advice would be appreciated
  9. 42769vette

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    It really depends on what im using if for and your rate of twist. For deer hunting id probably look at the 120gr barnes ttsx (I cant deer hunt in indiana with a 260). For f-class and tactical competitions and anything smaller than deer I always use the 140 gr amax. Honestly the 140gr amax would be fine on deer aswell.