25 Suzuki water pump problems

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    Has anyone replaced a waterpump no a dt25c lately? I have many times, but for some reason I cant get water to come up to the block this time. I have flushed it out both ways so I know I do not have any obstructions. One thing I did notice as when I took the foot off for the second time after putting a kit in it there was a lot of water around the housing and up the exhaust. Maybe the tube is not connecting to the top of the pump? I have never had that happen. Also the pump kit part # is 17400-96403, but the all schematics call for 1700-96400. I ordered from Iboats and the invoice says that this part replaces the orginal. The gasket was a little different but other than that all was the same. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Remove lower unit, place in water and spin drive shaft with drill. (Make sure unit is in neutral and drive shaft turned in a clockwise direction.) The water should come flying out of the top of the pump body. If it's only a trickle, your problem is in the pumping system. May have something to do with the difference in gaskets you mentioned. If all is ok, I'd move upward. I've had to remove the powerhead on several motors in order to find and remove the obstruction. Good luck

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    Thanks for the idea! I think I either have a damages housing or obstrction that keeps working its way around and blocking the flow. I"ll try the drill idea tomorrow. I'm figuring I will be pulling the powerhead just to be sure anyways.