25 etec??

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  1. david.foret

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    Upgrading...and I was thinking of buying an ETEC 25 but I read a bunch of reviews online and heard a bunch of horror stories. Does anyone have one to let me know reliablity and pros and cons of this motor?
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  2. SCDuck

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    Any work done will have to be put on the computer at the authorized dealer. Any work done by anyone other than authorized (Evinrude Dealer)
    will void any warranty. These motors are basically a computer

  3. SeeLite

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    got one, extremely dependable. slugs.

    if you got a big boat and dont care about speed and want to rest assured you wont have any cranking problems this motor is for you.
    if youre a racer then move along son.

    that being said i love mine and have done some tinkering to get all i can out of her. propping helps, next cmc pt and t or get the built in tilt and trim.
  4. david.foret

    david.foret Well-Known Member

    I have a 1542 weldbilt semi v so I think as far as speed goes it'll be ok. But I went to forum called evinrudeowners and there were stories about taking these motors out for the first time and stalling out and having to ne towed back . Im sure every brand has similar stories but it would be my luck I will spend 4000 on one and it would go tits up first trip. I yo yo a lot and will be using this motor for everything and just wanted to talk to someone that has ran one for awhile.
  5. factory909

    factory909 Well-Known Member

    Maybe greenheads_smackdown will chime in, he ran one for a while. I had a 3 cyl suzuki dt before i bought my etec. As far as speed, I was getting 35-36 with my dt, I get 32-33 with the etec with a cmc and a ss prop sitting on a war eagle 1542. There is nothing to not like about the etec. Gas consumption is comparable to a Prius, the tiller handle setup is the best that I have ever used, always starts, quiet, idles like a 4 stroke. This motor is great for running limb or trotlines, will idle all night long. Now for duck season, I've put it through the test the last month, busting over logs through bruck brush, shallow water mud clog ups, still going strong. The only downsides, it's heavy compared to other 2 strokes, more expensive to purchase, and it is all computer controlled. The computer controlled is not entirely bad. Good motor in my book. As for a slug, I don't think so, it will get out of the hole quicker than most 2 strokes(2 cyl), and faster than most 2 stroke 2 cylinders.
  6. david.foret

    david.foret Well-Known Member

    Well as far as cost goes its the cheapest new 25 I have found, mercury was 4200 and some change, yamaha was like 4500 and I found a dealer in mnt home that is selling 25 short shaft etecs with electric start for 3850 out the door
  7. scottparker

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    I had a 25 Yamaha 4 stroke for 1 year and couldn't plane 3 guys with a 11 pitch prop. Sold it and bought an E-tec. Nothing but the motor change was done to the boat. I just planed 5 guys this morning. Now mind you, it wasn't running fast but it did get up on step. Gas consumption is the same as the 4 stroke or slightly improved. Very nice motor
  8. factory909

    factory909 Well-Known Member

    Mine was 3600 at h2o sports in little rock.
  9. david.foret

    david.foret Well-Known Member

    Yeah h20 wants 4200 out the door....3850 tax and all at Tracy marine in mnt home...plus I'm originally from Norfork and will be going home during Christmas so if I can't find a cheaper one by then, that's where I'm going. I wonder if H20 would price match?? It would be better that way if I have to have it worked on the dealer I bought it from would be right down the road instead of two hrs away in mnt home
  10. Maggiesmaster

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    NE AR
    My trout guide bought one, ran it for almost 1800 hrs. over 2 1/2 yrs. & bought another one. Says they're the best motors he's had.
  11. scottparker

    scottparker Well-Known Member

    Paid $3650 out the door last winter @ current river marine in doniphan, mo
  12. greenhead smackdown

    greenhead smackdown Well-Known Member

    I ran one for 3 years. Best part is that it is fuel injected, so it cold starts on the 1st touch of the button and is easy on the fuel. Has good torque but is going to generally get you about 28mph with two people in it and goes down from there. The tiller handle is nice, but it will get broken from hitting logs and such. The motor has too much movement on the mounting bracket when hitting logs, and caused certain areas on the lower cowling to develop holes from bolts making contact and rubbing through. You can put a tilt/trim switch in the handle end, even for a cmc tilt/trim. All that being said, if you are buying new, then 100% go with the etec. If you are needing to consistently haul big loads or make longer runs and need to get there faster, then get a 25hp 3-cylinder. Doesn't have anything to do with racing, as I am never in a race. The etec just took too long to get me somewhere when I had the boat loaded down.
  13. david.foret

    david.foret Well-Known Member

    Thanks man just called current river marine and right now they are 3550 out the door 25 ss electric start etec. So it looks like thats where my business will be going
  14. greenhead smackdown

    greenhead smackdown Well-Known Member

    Jump all over that for sure.
  15. dogfandan_24

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    i have one. very smooth motor. without a cmc i dont like the tiller length. you may. runs very good. not fast but it also wont break you at the pump. ive seen one pump mud. very dependable and i really like the fuel injection.
  16. 1/4ing away

    1/4ing away Well-Known Member

    I had a Suzuki DT 25 before my Etec and you couldn't make me own another Suzuki. I don't care about speed. I care about getting back. I took that piece if crap Zuke out 3 times and barely made it back twice, and didn't even make it from the ramp to the ditch at mulberry the third time.
    I don't know how good the Etec is going to be but I've had it out a couple times and it was perfect. I bought a 2009 model in June with 150 hours on it for $2800
  17. david.foret

    david.foret Well-Known Member

    Yeah I've decided to get one, I called current river marine and he said they only have a three warranty right now and that evinrude is about to come back with the 5 year warranty so I'm gonna wait and buy one then. I'll post pics when I get it and let everyone know how it performs on my rig.
  18. DuckLn

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    my father's 4 stroke yammie 25 planed off a triton 1546 (approx. 450 lb hull) with 5 grown men and gear. Has tilt n trim and a 11 pitch solas but it did get on step.
  19. scottparker

    scottparker Well-Known Member

    I must have had a turd then
  20. chevyduckhunt

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    Went and looked at them today at h2o sportz and the guy said that as of 2 days ago they now have a 6 year warranty. He also made a good point and that was put a cmc p and t and get a 90 day warranty and pay bout 550 plus or pay the extra 500 and get the motor with p and t and get 6 years. Which one sounds better to you? I know which route I would go.