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  1. wildhog62

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    I am looking to buy a .243 for my 10 year old son's birthday. It will be his first rifle. He would prefer a bolt action or automatic. Does any one have any suggestions or ideas or have one to sell resonably?
  2. MichaelT.

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    Look into the Mossberg ATR 100. It is a bolt action rifle. It is a good shooter. They make them in a regular and bantam model. I know you can get a wood / blued anywhere from 250.00 to 280.00 new depending on the store. I bought a .270 before christmas, in the synthetic / Marinecoat finish for 300.00 new.

    A great value.

    Go to www.mossberg.com to check it out.


  3. baker14d

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    It may run a bit more than you'd like but call Mack's Prairie Wings, they have always had the lowest prices on Browning in the state that I can find and ask them about an A-Bolt Micro Hunter in .243 It is what I got when I was his age and I hunted with the gun until I upgraded when I was 18. Another guy in camp just got one for his son and shot a deer with it this year. It is an awesome gun. My uncle bought a Remington Model 7 youth model in a .243 for his daughter, that may be a bit cheaper but I haven't ever priced one. Good luck!
  4. Hudge

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    I am hearing some bad things about the bolts falling apart on the Mossbergs. They are actually the former Raptor rifles. You might want to look at NEF's or possibly Savage rifles for a cheaper, but descent rifle.
  5. wildhog62

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    Thanks guys. I'll check them out.
  6. GregR

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    Watch the local Walmarts. This time of year you they somtimes put guns on clearance and they usually put the Youth Remington .243's on for $325. If you can find one, that is a deal. They also have a nice youth Savage.
  7. MichaelT.

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    I hate to hear that Hudge... Every report I have read on the gun has been very favorable, and all threads at various gun sites have been really high on the gun. Thats what made me decide to go ahead and get one myself. And I must say I have been impressed with the rifle, just as the reports and threads have said. But if I ever do have any problems, I will be sure to let everyone know.

    One other gun to consider that is not much more in cost is the new Mossberg 4x4.

    Sure, Browning makes awsome rifles, as does Remington and Ruger, but I did not believe you were interested in spending that kind of money, so I went with a good rifle at a reasonable price. I own some of them all, but not everyone wants to spend, or can spend, a lot of money on a gun.
  8. I bought the wife a NEF single shot in the .243 last year. It was a combo from Academy, came with a 3x9 Simmons scope & hard case. It & a box of shells was $300.
  9. Matt_W

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    I never recommend cutting corners when purchasing a gun. The Weatherby Vanguard is extremely affordable, and incredibly accurate. Walmart has them for less than the Remingtons.
  10. conwayhunter

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    I bought my wife a Remington model 770 .243 youth at walmart for xmas, $300.00 comes with a mounted scope, I like.