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22lr or 17 mach 2????

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Gonna get a custom built 10/22 or 17 mach 2 for squirrel hunting.
What do you guys think???
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10 22 action chambered for 17 mach II should be a nice shooter
I have both and recommend you do the same. I like them both but shoot the 22lr most due to ammo cost and availability. You are welcome to try mine out if you want.
22 mainly for availability of ammo. 17mach will prolly be a little more accurate but it's prolly not worth the extra price and hassle of finding the stuff.
Depends, do you want something you can shoot for days and days for $30? If so go with the 22lr. If it doesnt matter to you and youre ok with buying ammo online id def go with a custom ruger 10/17machII. They are def superior to the 22lr
I was going to do the 17 MachII until I found out about the ammo issues. I would do a Select Fire 22mag.......
If you're doing 17mach2, may as well get a 22mag or 17hmr. Both demolish squirrels.
I have both a single shot mach2 and a ruger 10/22 converted mach2 and both put big cracks or holes in the side of the ammo cartridge after being shot. doesn't effect accuracy but it is definitely weird.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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