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20ga. shot size???

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Ok guys...I'm taking my nephew who is 9 hunting tomorrow morning and he is going to use his 20ga. First, I've never shot a 20, never held a 20 so I know nothing about them. Anyway, I was talking to his dad last night who is a hunter but not a turkey hunter and he asked me what shot he needed and I told him I would pick some up for him. So here is my question....what shot do I need to get for a 20? I shoot #5 out of my 12 but didn't know if a different shot was better for the 20. Thanks ya’ll! Oh, and he will be shooting 3".

And one other question. He is a capable shooter so what is the effective range of the 20? I was thinking 30, maybe 35 yrds. Is that about right?

Thanks for all the help guys.
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if it were me I'd pick up a box of the Winchester Elite Extended Range in 6's.

That way you get a higher pellet count with more knock per pellet. I have used the Extended Range the past two season and as long as Winchester is making them I will never use anything else... JMO
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