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20ga. shot size???

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Ok guys...I'm taking my nephew who is 9 hunting tomorrow morning and he is going to use his 20ga. First, I've never shot a 20, never held a 20 so I know nothing about them. Anyway, I was talking to his dad last night who is a hunter but not a turkey hunter and he asked me what shot he needed and I told him I would pick some up for him. So here is my question....what shot do I need to get for a 20? I shoot #5 out of my 12 but didn't know if a different shot was better for the 20. Thanks ya’ll! Oh, and he will be shooting 3".

And one other question. He is a capable shooter so what is the effective range of the 20? I was thinking 30, maybe 35 yrds. Is that about right?

Thanks for all the help guys.
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I would go with 5's. The Pattern would really tell his effective range. I would stay 30 yards and under to be safe.
I am not a Turkey hunter but I have patterned my 12 in case I ever decide to go. Different brands and shot sizes will definately pattern differently
at different yardages. Whatever you decide, try to shoot the gun and make sure of the yardage that wait your not setting your nephew up for a dissappointing miss. I personaaly got the best pattern and range with a primos jellyhead choke and Winchester Supreme, #6.
if it were me I'd pick up a box of the Winchester Elite Extended Range in 6's.

That way you get a higher pellet count with more knock per pellet. I have used the Extended Range the past two season and as long as Winchester is making them I will never use anything else... JMO
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