203 inch muzzleloader buck at bbc

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by LHHC, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. LHHC

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    I seen it in the contest at the bbc, but I didn't see it in the top 10 in the dem gaz. Did he fail the polygraph test? Apperently so, or he would have won the four wheeler.
  2. Gooch

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    I would like to know the story on this one too.

  3. Manybeards

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    Are you talking about the deer killed in Forrest City???
  4. tony r

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    i was talking to one of the guys hanging up the deer about the leading deer sunday morning & he told me it was leading but someone else had dropped it off for the guy friday & he had called them sunday morning saying he was not going to make it on sunday :smack: [ for a free fourwheeler]:rolleyes: so they pulled it off the wall before it opened sunday & it was still there & no one had picked it up yet. tony
  5. TheBattman

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    Hmmm... gotta be a story there somewhere...