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Hivernan and I are done in Wyoming. Had a good time, but we found out that when you go later those public land critters are SPOOKY. We had antelope spook at the sight of the truck several hundred yards out, even if you didn’t stop.

Hivernans was about 1.5 miles back. We had spotted a lot of them back in there the first day, so we walked in and got back there early day 2. We spotted 2 bucks on the next ridge and made a long stalk. He made a 300 yard shot, but the buck got up out of his bed and ran over the hill. I thought he missed, but he was laying dead when we went to check.

Bad snow and wind blew in the night of day 2, and we relocated our tents to a hotel. We drove out Tuesday without much optimism. We often could only see a few hundred yards, and when we saw antelope, they ran off. We just got lucky… we saw a big group in range of the road and they seemed so tame we thought it must be private, but it was public. We snuck back over there, and my buck was 25 yards away when I peeked over the hill.


41 - 47 of 47 Posts
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