2020 Black Bear thread - c'mon in, lets talk, lets show some photos ....

Discussion in 'Big Game Hunting' started by stealthycat, Aug 14, 2020.

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    I have an old hone town friend that has a cabin & land near Ozark and, like you, bears are coming daily to bait — he has trail cameras — then almost exactly when season opens acorns rain down and bears have thousands of acres of acorns which they prefer to corn. Occasionally acorns drop later & we’ll have bears but if this year I just had a surgery & won’t be there...still hope old friend gets one! :clap:
  2. Dermott

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    (Home town...)

  3. spur

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    I decided a couple of years ago that I would wait to hunt them until I retire or they move the season to an earlier date or there is a real late freeze and no acorns. Good luck to everyone that puts in the time and effort.
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  4. stealthycat

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    tick tock

    by 3 pm tomorrow I'll have checked my cameras/barrels and have a good Sat/Sun plan

    I know now why the bears left the one barrel - a guy put a feeder up down the bill filled with corn and they torn it down and fed on corn for a few days.

    so hopefully .... I'll have bears on one of the 5 barrels with consistency

    tick tock
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  5. SwampCat

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    This is what a day of refilling barrels requires

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    I should take the pictures of 1000# of donuts .....lol
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    I will be filling them up with the good stuff tomorrow afternoon, deer hunting on the other side of the place Saturday morning and then hunting Saturday evening through Monday. Hoping this keeps them around a few more days.
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  8. QuailRidge

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    Filled the baits today. Two baits empty and they broke one barrel loose and rolled it down the hill.

    How many here knew that bears eat American Beautyberry? This is the first time I’ve found it in scat. IMG_1871.jpg
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  9. SwampCat

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    i see a lot of bear scat around my baits with beauty berry
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  10. Thenarwhal

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    In my regular spots the deer usually get it all before the bears get to it, but I have seen in it the piles before. That and poke berries make things very colorful.
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  11. dmac1175

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    Happy hunting to all my neighbors to the east. Hope you all get a bear. Be safe.
    6 more long days to wait for okie bears for me.
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  12. Steve Paul

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    Conway--I work for AGFC and would like to follow up with what might have happened to this young bear. If I pass on my contact information would you provide me with some more information as to location and if there bear's carcass is still there? Thanks.
  13. cmf88

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  14. Remington

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    That bait site is fixing to go ...... zzzzzzz
  15. stealthycat

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    ok 5 barrels

    1 barrel hammered but dead batteries and no video's .. assume still 1 smallish bear
    2 barrel not even touched (the newest I put out)
    3 big boy is gone, sow and sub there hammering it
    4 it appears the black and the cinnamon bear from bait 5 is now coming to bait 4? not all day every day but enough I'm hopeful
    5 .... the ones with the most bears/hope ....

    barrel 5 ... my buddy talked to a landowner that had a guy saying he had the land leased I was hunting. I'd gained permission this summer to hunt it. He had said he had it leased, someone had a bear barrel on it and the bears were tearing his newly put corn feeder up.

    a few phones calls later and yes, the landowner had given this guy permission but wasn't leased and when I got to barrel 5 ... my camera was stolen. I was mad. So I said huh .. lets walk down the hill to where that feeder should be and guess what the thief did ? he put MY camera on his feeder. He deleted the card, but I guess he didn't see the name written low on the camera. SOB

    I got my camera, left his feeder alone, will be telling the landowner and his character will be known around Norfork. Hey Bill, if you're reading this - you're an a-hole !

    Anyway, no bears there, too much human activity now. 5 is dead now

    tomorrow my buddy is hunting 4, it has the most action .. I'm still hunting into 1 and seeing what's up ... just an easy walk about the woods I suppose.
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  16. Dermott

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    Too bad the landowner didn’t tell you he had allowed the other guy. Also, crazy he stole your game camera—a sheriff’s deputy or warden needs to see the evidence on the game camera...
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  17. arkrem870

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    Good luck to everyone. About to get loaded up. Hope to see some bear pics on here at dark. Be safe.
  18. gravedigger30

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    Sister in law shot one a good one about an hour ago
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  19. QuailRidge

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    I’ve been up since 10:30. A bear bait feels like the most desolate place on earth when there aren’t any bears on it.
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  20. jhatch

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    We are fixing to head to the blind
    Should be in the shooter seat about 2:30
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