2019/2020 Bow Hunting Contest 2019-2020 rules

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    Rules and Regulations

    1: contest ends 11:59 pm January 19th
    2: you can post the following animals and receive the points allotted for each animal group. Each hunter is allowed to submit the maximum animals. Only archery kills allowed

    (Group 1) 4 deer max- does will be worth 3 points, bucks will be worth the amount of legal points ( being 1 inch in length) but a minimum of 3 points.

    (Group 2) 3 critter max- hogs, coyotes, Fox - 3 points each.

    ( Group 3) 5 critter max-squirrels, coons, possums, armadillo-1 point each

    Bonus animals- 1 bonus animal permitted per person. It will be a bobcat or bear worth 5 points.

    To get credit for a kill each hunter must post a picture with ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: They person that harvested the animal must be in the picture with the game and his/her bow. They Must submit their team number with the photo along with the points achieved. Make sure the game is visible for scoring. All game must be harvested in ARKANSAS. If you have questions Pm me.
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