2013 Ammunition Sale Bill

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    I have heard that they are trying to pass a ammunition bill for 2013 and its highly probable that it will pass. This bill will track/regulate ALL ammo sold. As a result of having to track all ammo sold and have it reported to the gov't, this will require UPC codes placed on every shell and a parent UPC code on the box that contains all ( shells) that go with that box. This will obviously drive up the cost of production and in turn have the manufacturer charging more to retails and ultimately we the hunters getting screwed. Not only will you have to pay your state sales tax at the time of purchase but you will also be required to 1099 it on a tax form. This way govt has complete control over all ammo sold and can track everything. They will know who is in compliance and who is stock piling ( Anything bought before 2013 is OK and can be stock piled). I know there has been talk about this in the past but after the CO theater shooting I think there is a big push for it now. I know there is talk about gun controls too but I am not concerned with that at the moment- just curious about what you have heard on ammo sales.

    I heard all this talking with a Remington Hyper sonic shell rep. I know he is a rep and trying to sells his product, I get that! But his story seems to have quite a bit of truth to it!
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    Not saying this isnt true, but this is the same rumor that went around when Obama got elected the first time. that was part of what led to the ammo shortage. Everyone was stocking up and the ammo companies were scared to build up too much inventory that might not be in compliance. I seriously doubt this type of legislation will be passed. I think id the DEMS are gonna go after anything gun related it will first be high capacity assault rifles and similar guns.

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    This is interesting. I think it would drive up the price of ammo and it would be a PITB for the manufactures.

    I would be curious to see the actual Bill ID number so I could read it for myself.
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    Don't think it would ever pass the house.
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    not going to happen, but still makes me glad I'm a NRA life member, if you own a gun you should be...who's not?
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    NE Ark
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    It was NOT me! :biggrin:
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    Obama should be an honorary member of the Nra for all of the gun sales he has helped with.